Evangelist Rev Franklin Graham tweeted yesterday that it was a ‘day of shame for America’.  He was referring to the first public hearing in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. He also urged Christians to pray for the US leader.


It has been reported that government attacks on freedom of religion or belief and pressure on religious leaders have increased significantly in Cuba since the adoption of a new constitution. It is believed the new constitution which came into force in February has severely weakened the language on freedom of conscience and religion in the Cuba.


A coalition of big-technology companies and institutions are meeting at the Vatican starting today, to seek to create a safe environment for children on the internet. According to data collected by Microsoft, over 270,000 images of sexual abuse of children are uploaded to the internet every day. One of the goals at the conference is to limit access through an age verification of users.


Pope Francis has described the persecution of Jews as neither human nor Christian. His comments came after a reported significant rise in anti-Semitic attacks in Italy, particularly online.


A number of churches across the State of California are reportedly exploring ways to build affordable housing on their own land. A 2019 report from California’s Public Policy Institute revealed the State is the 10 least-affordable major markets in the US.  This has resulted in high levels of homelessness and cost-burdened households.


Music artist Kanye West has suggested he wants to change his name for 12 months. According to the report, he would like people to refer to him as Christin Genius Billionaire Kanye West.


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