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Love FM Radio and Love Television are owned and operated by the National Religious Media Commission (NRMC), as a collaborative effort of eight groups which represent a wide cross section of the Christian community in Jamaica, namely: 

1. The Church of God in Jamaica
2. The Jamaica Association of Full Gospel Churches
3. The Jamaica Council of Churches
4. The Jamaica Evangelical Alliance (formerly The Jamaica Association of Evangelicals)
5. The Jamaica Pentecostal Union (Apostolic)
6. Jamaica Union Conference – SDA (formerly West Indies Union of Seventh-Day Adventists)
7. Bishop Herro and Dr. Alma Blair, et al
8. Ronnie Thwaites, et al

 In 1992, the Government of Jamaica granted a licence to the NRMC to establish and operate religious radio and television broadcasting services.

 On February 14, 1993, the NRMC began operations on the FM frequency as “Love FM”—the first religious radio station in Jamaica.

 The programme fare consists of religious, classical and wholesome music and features packaged with LOVE for the family and community. These include:

 • Word Ministry from local and international sources
• News Commentary
• Gospel music
• Local, regional and international news bites
• Children’s programmes

 Love 101 FM remains the number one gospel station in Jamaica according to the All Media Survey conducted by Market Research Services Limited.

 Our programming is wholesome in value, with features that range from health to entertainment. We cater to every member of the family, providing edification not just for the body, but also for the soul….only on Love 101, The Family Station.


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Address: 81 Hagley Park Road, KGN 10

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