Radio Disk Jock and announcer Miguel ‘DJ Rebirth’ Campbell was certain of his dream the moment he left high school.

One of LOVE 101’s very own, Rebirth believed ending up on radio for him was inevitable. As well as being of service to the Lord, Rebirth also serves his country, working full-time in the Public Sector for a very prominent Government Agency. “If your dreams aren’t crazy and impossible, it simply means that you are not dreaming big enough” Rebirth said, in hopes that it would resonate in the minds of those pursuing their dreams.

He also urges all those dream chasers to always put God first. Family for DJ Rebirth is everything. He appreciates that all his family can work together, motivate and support each other 100 percent. He thanks God for the family he was placed in. being a family man, it’s no wonder he is a part of The Family Station.

Here are some facts about DJ Rebirth:
– His favourite Movie- The Original Lion King
– Pet Peeve- Being ignored
– Favourite Songs- Ï will follow by Jermaine Edwards and Carry Me by Kevin Downswell
– Master of cooking?- Your DJ doesn’t cook, but he knows for sure he will not starve