President Donald Trump is now the third president in US history to be impeached after a House vote on Wednesday, joining Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. The Republican-led Senate will now hold a trial to decide if Trump should be removed from office. Unlike every other impeachment effort, Trump’s party has a majority in the Senate. No president has ever been removed from office.

Here’s more on the US presidents who have been impeached:
▪️ Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868. The House passed 11 articles of impeachment against Johnson, a Democrat. They were mostly connected to violating the Tenure of Office Act, a law passed specifically to curb Johnson’s ability to fire Cabinet officials appointed by Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, before his assassination.

▪️ Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998. The House passed two articles of impeachment against Clinton for perjury before a grand jury and obstructing lawsuits. The charges stemmed from Ken Starr’s years-long independent counsel investigation that started as an inquiry into a land deal before Clinton was elected but morphed into a look at his affair in the White House.

▪️ Trump was impeached on Wednesday. The House passed two articles of impeachment against Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The first involves his use of taxpayer dollars to pressure the Ukrainian President and the other has to do with his attempt to block congressional oversight.

It’s worth noting that in 1974, the House Judiciary Committee passed three articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon related to Watergate. But Nixon resigned after Republican senators told him he’d lost their confidence. He was never impeached.