The World Council of Churches Executive Committee says the climate crisis is not a distant prospect, but is upon us today. It added that the climate emergency is the result of ecological sins, and urged wealthy nations to increase commitments to provide sufficient climate finance to low-income nations for adaptation.


More than 600 businessmen and women from more than 50 countries will come to Israel on December 4 to connect with Israeli business leaders for the second-annual ARISE conference. ARISE Founder and President Calev Myers said the summit is an opportunity for Christians to confront the global anti-Israel Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions, BDS movement.


Catholic students at Cardiff University in the UK have been told they cannot take part in official societies at the university after the students’ union adopted a pro-choice policy on abortion. According to the university chaplain, no Catholic could remain a member of an organisation that promotes and supports abortion.


Pope Francis proclaimed recently that authentic Islam and the proper understanding of the Koran reject every form of violence. However, a CBN News analysis has taken issue, claiming the Pope is doing his bit to ensure Christians remain ignorant and complacent about the jihad threat that the Pope’s dialogue with Muslin leadership is doing nothing to address.


U.S. secretary of energy, Rick Perry has become the latest highly placed evangelical Christian to claim that President Trump is the “chosen one.”  He argued that all the Kings in the Bible were ordained by God and none of them were perfect.


Country music legend Dolly Parton been nominated at the upcoming 2020 Grammy Awards for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance and Song.