Christian charity, Mission Without Borders has launched an emergency appeal for aid following the biggest earthquake to hit Albania in decades. The 6.4 magnitude quake struck on Tuesday killing 40 people and injuring some 650 more.


Reports are that hundreds of leaked documents are providing evidence that confirms China’s government is repressing Muslims and other religious minorities on a massive scale in Xin-jiang Province. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo said world leaders should join the US in working to create an atmosphere to improve the human rights situation in China.


The Bishop of Sheffield, Rt. Rev Dr Pete Wilcox has objected to US Evangelist Franklin Graham’s plan to visit the UK next year for an 8-day tour in June. In a statement issued yesterday, the Bishop encouraged churches not to attend any of the meetings.  He said Mr. Graham’s utterances are inflammatory and his views represent a risk to the social cohesion of the city of Sheffield.


Pope Francis has reportedly said the use and possession of nuclear weapons should be made immoral under official Catholic teaching. It’s said to represent a new step in terms of the Vatican’s position on the issue. The Pope was speaking to reporters during a news conference on Tuesday when he made the remarks. He also said he would not recommend the use of nuclear energy until it was totally safe.


Americans are today observing national Thanksgiving Day. A lead pastor of Victory Faith Church in Washington has seized the occasion to remind his compatriots that the country wasn’t built on secular humanism, but on the foundation of God’s principles and truth.


A survey has shown some 78% of people in the UK say Jesus is not an important part of their Christmas.