An estimated 5 million Nigerian Christians took to the streets in protest against an increase of violence perpetrated against their religious community. The main protest march took place in Lagos. The protestors walked for three miles holding placards declaring: “All souls are precious to God.” Religious persecution is a growing problem and Christians are the most persecuted of all religions in the world.


Reports are that billions of locusts have descend on parts of Kenya in the worst outbreak in 70 years. Experts warn that if left unchecked, the number of locusts could grow by 500 times by June. The locusts also are heading toward the breadbasket of Ethiopia, Africa’s second-most populous country. Locusts can strip a pasture of its vegetation within hours.


A joint initiative of the Office of Papal Charities and the Missionary Centre of the Chinese Church in Italy have sent 600,000 masks to Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus epidemic. The illness has officially spread to over 20 countries. Death toll has risen to 425 in China, with more than 20,000 confirmed cases. Pope Francis prayed for the victims and the people affected by the disease, at a papal audience in St Peter’s Square on Sunday.


The challenges of the future might be overcome by looking to the Christian values of Britain’s past. This is according to new British Tory MP Danny Kruger.  The MP said Christian ideas are losing their appeal in Britain and the country needs a set of values and beliefs to guide it in modern times. Mr. Kruger was giving his maiden speech in the Commons.


According UK government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019, some 25% of church and other faith-based charities reported at least one cyber-attack during a twelve-month period. Church leaders are urged to keep the data they store as secure as possible from cyber-attacks.