The annual meeting of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the World Council of Churches was held in Switzerland last Thursday and Friday. A major feature of the meeting was detailed work on a joint document titled, “Serving Together in a Wounded World: Towards Interreligious Solidarity.” The two offices have been collaborating since 1977. Both delegations reaffirmed the desire to continue their common engagement, ecumenically, in the service of interreligious dialogue.


A Pakistan high court has handed down a ruling based on Islamic religious “sharia” law that allows men in Pakistan to marry underage girls as long as they have had their first menstrual cycle. According to the CBN report, the ruling came during the latest court hearing into the kidnapping, forced conversion and marriage of a 14-year-old Christian girl.


Reports out of Nigeria are that 32 people were killed and a pastor’s house and church building burned down in two nights of attacks a little over a week ago.  The killings are understood to have been committed by Muslim Fulani herdsmen who have launched more murderous attacks against Christian villages in Plateau State.


Approximately 400 Ethiopian Jews are about to find their new homes in Israel. The move came after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet on Sunday approved the relocation of hundreds of Ethiopian Jews to their biblical homeland.


The Church of England has recommended changes to its sacraments in a bid to control the spread of Coronavirus infection. The suggestions include the use of hand sanitiser before taking communion and encouraging congregation members who feel ill not to drink from the Chalice. The Church has also instructed members to refrain from sharing the custom in which the congregation shake hands and offer the peace of God to one another.