The World Council of Churches, WCC says it will do what is relevant and necessary to avoid spreading the coronavirus to others who can become seriously ill. The WCC is urging everyone to follow the advice of washing their hands frequently with soap and water; practice respiratory hygiene and maintain a social distance of at least two metres between themselves and others with flu-like symptoms; stay home if you feel sick, and seek medical care early if you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing.


The Chinese government has been accused of carrying out a mission against Christians sharing or publishing information about the coronavirus outbreak. According to religious freedom charity China Aid, an informed Christian said officials are now questioning pastors and lawyers about the virus.


US Vice President Mike Pence recently opened up an administration task force meeting with a prayer and the photo went almost viral as many on Twitter had more than a few unkind words to say about it. Mr. Pence was mocked for praying for God’s help to fight coronavirus.


Jewish leaders and organizations are condemning the appearance of a Nazi flag at a rally for US presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders last Thursday. The Anti-Defamation League later identified the flag-waving man as a known white supremacist who has reportedly harassed a range of Jewish and Muslim organizations. Jewish Voice for Peace, an activist organization, noted the appearance of the Nazi flag was especially offensive given that Senator Sanders is a Jewish man whose family was murdered in the Holocaust.


Christian Aid is calling on churches and other religious institutions to lead the way in promoting gender equality in every sphere of society. It noted that some 49 countries still don’t have laws protecting women from domestic violence.