A wave of churches across the US will open for in-
person services this Sunday. It’s reportedly part of
an effort called “Peaceably Gather Sunday” in which
congregations look to strike a middle ground in
balancing health and safety against the coronavirus
and worshipping without restrictions.

A 113-year-old woman, who is believed to be the
oldest living person in Spain, has recovered from the
coronavirus. According to the Daily Mail report,
Maria Branyas tested positive for the COVID-19 in
April, then self-isolated herself while recovering at
a retirement home.

World Council of Churches leaders agreed that
solidarity is a foundation of a meaningful global
response to the coronavirus pandemic. Four pivotal
ways that religious leaders can help reverse the
pandemic, and aid recovery were identified. These
include actively challenging inaccurate and harmful
messages, condemning violence, leveraging of networks
to support governments in promoting public health
measures, and faith leaders supporting the continuity
of children’s education. The World Council of
Churches is a worldwide fellowship of churches, with
members in more than 110 countries.

Israel’s Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council has
launched an investigation to determine whether
Shelanu TV is violating the country’s proselytizing
law. Accusation is that the TV channel is seeking to
convert Jews to Christianity. If the council
determines that Shelanu TV is indeed evangelizing,
the channel will be shut down.

According to a new study, an increasing number of
American Christians believe Donald Trump was
“anointed by God” to become the President of the
United States. The researchers noted that Protestants
are not the only ones who believe this. They says it
is a phenomenon that is sweeping American religion.