General Secretary of the World Council of Churches WCC, Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit has called on the authorities and the people of Iraq to engage in dialogue towards providing the means for life in dignity in the country. Dr Fykse Tveit noted that escalating protests, violence, and increasing polarisation in Iraq are of grave concern to the WCC.


Meanwhile, a WCC official has noted that only 14 of the 136 countries that adopted the Durban Declaration Plan of Action have embarked on the requisite action. The Action Plan adopted in 2001, includes implementation of national programmes to address racism, reparations from slavery, the forced displacement of black people due to gentrification.  It also entails examination of the complicity of churches in systems of white supremacy, and the call for internal theological reflection to challenge past theologies.


A new study on what people in the UK think about God and the Bible has found only 18 per cent believe the Bible is relevant to them personally. This is despite the fact that 40 per cent identified themselves as Christian. The Bible Society surveyed nearly 20,000 people in what is thought to be the largest review of faith, values and attitudes to the Bible in England and Wales.


The Wycliffe Associates says an increase in the demand for bibles in Christian minority countries has prompted more printing systems for underground churches. Wycliffe Associates is an international charity that partners with churches to provide God’s Word in local languages. It has set up hundreds of covert printing systems after seeing a dramatic rise in demand for translations, particularly in the Middle East.


Kanye West’s album, Jesus Is King, which dropped Oct. 25 has become his ninth consecutive album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.